Hughes Lab

Marine Biodiversity and Conservation

Our lab is interested in the interactions among the numbers and identity of species, the genetic individuals that make up those species, and the ecosystem services that they provide.  We use a combination of lab and field experiments, molecular techniques, and data synthesis to understand the consequences of changes in marine biodiversity.


The Hughes Lab is committed to maintaining an inclusive environment, regardless of age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, nationality, or socio-economic background.

We will not accept discrimination or harassment of any kind.

We have zero tolerance of sexual harassment in the lab and in the field.

We will support individuals struggling with discrimination, by providing an open and supportive atmosphere, speaking up on their behalf when appropriate, and guiding them to the support and resources that they need.

We are committed to open and honest science. This includes transparency in data acquisition and data sharing.

(Modified from Dan Bolnick)


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